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oh no

2010-08-05 16:23:47 by alphaswitch

I have to do work at college next year

not very good poem 2

2010-03-23 19:25:18 by alphaswitch

I Have a balloon
It lives on the moon
It loves rockin tunes
But not metal
becasuse metal is as good as a kettle
A smelly brown kettle
On a bed of nettles
Nettles sing,sting and are ming
Unlike my balloon
Which lives on the moon


2009-12-15 03:26:28 by alphaswitch

newsgrounds I love you so
a place to see, a place to go
I dash,bash,crash
to dowload the flash
I have some views
so I write reviews
there always nice
not cold as ice
Im running out of things to say
I hope you have a lovely day